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Little Somer Thompson, a beautiful six year old from Florida is dead.

How many of our children have to be molested, raped, abducted, beaten, and killed before we rise up and fight back. We are all willing to march on Capital Hill against healthcare reform, higher taxes, and toxins in our plastic products. Will you march for your child’s safety? Please take a look at Take […]

A baby put up for adoption on Craigslist

Craigslist posts a baby for adoption! Craigslist continues to sell sex! How low will they sink? The unmonitored classified site where anyone can post anything seems to love controversy. Last week, a Massachusetts Mom finds out that her baby was placed up for adoption by a scammer on Craigslist. A photo of her seven-month old […]

The Power of the Housewife Vote

Until Sarah Palin’s run for Vice President the housewife was considered ‘a joke’ in the political arena. Now the media and the public see the power of the ‘soccer/hockey mom.’ And we are not going to take what is going on in America anymore. It’s the moms, the mother, the mamma bear, who is going […]