CK obscene advertisement campaign

We can protect our children from viewing unsuitable movies because they have an “R” or “X” rating.  But, how can we protect innocent eyes from seeing X-rated advertisements?

We shouldn’t have to put up with, or tolerate this kind of risque advertisement!

Calvin Klein has gone way overboard by having this advertisment where anyone, young & old, can see it.  Do they have no shame?

We should send them a message where it counts – their pocketbook.  And, call the company and let them know that you do not approve of this kind of advertisement!


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  1. Anna wrote::

    Please let it be no rejection! ☺ Lori L. Luce Lori L. Luce, Paralegal Specialist/Audit Coordinator United States Department of Justice Office of the United States Trustee 135 W. Central Blvd., Ste 620 Orlando, FL 32804 407-648-6301 x129

    Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 7:55 am #